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Visiting Indigenous Australia at the British Museum

Now in its final weeks, the British Museum’s exhibition ‘Indigenous Australia; Enduring Civilisation’ explores a ‘civilisation’ that has endured, and a people that have endured a colonial ‘civilising’ mission. The … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Wigs: An Object Biography Case Study

  A glass dome jar sits on a small, wooden stand in the window diagonally opposite the entrance to Magdalen College’s Old Library at the University of Oxford. Inside the … Continue reading

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Walking With Our Sisters

This post originates in a larger body of research exploring the ways in which Indigenous identities have been translated and refracted in online contexts as part of the ongoing Idle … Continue reading

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The Visual Politics of Beef in Indian Elections

Inspired by an article on the BBC yesterday, I decided to re-visit the murky world of social media and look at how meat eating, specifically beef, is linked to digital … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: Art in a Museum

‘The museum effect today extends, through the website, beyond the walls of the museum in ways that exceed photographic reproductions in publications. The gradually shifting definitions on the part of … Continue reading

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Film Review: Tomorrow We Disappear

Tomorrow We Disappear, a new documentary by Jim Goldblum and Adam Weber, introduces audiences to the puppeteers, acrobats, magicians, and musicians of the Kathputli artists’ colony in Delhi. Some of … Continue reading

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CultureCast: Hairy Metal

“Hairy Metal” is our first Sensible Culture podcast, and my first proper exploration into how sound can evoke sensory experience; in this case, the experience of having hair. While many … Continue reading

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A summary review of the Museum Ethnographers Conference 2014: Collections, Collaborations and Communities

A summary review of the Museum Ethnographers Conference 2014: Collections, Collaborations and Communities Every year the Museum Ethnographers Group holds a two-day conference to explore an important theme within the … Continue reading

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Participant Observation: Art in the Auction

But the relation of language to painting is an infinite relation…It is in vain that we attempt to show, by the use of images, metaphors, or similes, what we are … Continue reading

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Modi and Mother India: Photos of the Gods in the Digital Age

This post dissects a genre of images circulating on social media that highlight the ongoing debate over secularism in India. Each time India has a General Election records are broken … Continue reading

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Why is Ethnology Still Popular in Indian Museums?

Why is ethnology still popular in Indian museums? And how do audiences respond to ethnologic displays? First, let me clarify what sort of ethnology I am talking about. This article … Continue reading

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Remixes and Revolutions: Review of The New School’s Indigenous New Media Symposium

The School of Media Studies at the New School, NY, hosted an Indigenous New Media Symposium on February 21, 2014. The symposium brought together indigenous activists and media creators with … Continue reading

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Museums and Digital Participation: Reflections on #MuseumSelfie

On 22 January 2014, the world (of Twitter) saw the first #MuseumSelfie Day, a day when Twitter users shared selfies taken within museums. The project was thought up by museum-lover, … Continue reading

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